About Us

“Growing in God’s Family – Founded in His Word”

This is our theme. It appears on our church sign, bulletins, newsletter, letterhead–virtually everywhere to remind us of our purpose as a congregation. It describes where we are going and where we are rooted. We continually strive, under God’s blessing, to grow closer to our Lord as Christians and to grow in number.  Neither is possible without a strong rooting in the Word, which is the power of God (Romans 1:16).

“The Mission of Saviour Lutheran Church is to Grow in the Word of God and the Fellowship of Christ’s Family and to Share His Love with our community and the world.”

This is our mission statement and identifies the purpose of this congregation.  We aim to increase our personal knowledge of God’s Word and His plan for our salvation.  As well, the purpose of the congregational unit is to bring us together in the fellowship that Christ offers to all believers.  Our focus then turns outward as we want to share what God has given us both with our local community here in Delta and also throughout the world.

Our congregation is a member of Lutheran Church Canada