Our Worship

A Brief Explanation of Lutheran Worship

There are two high points in the Lutheran worship service. The first is when God speaks to us in his Word, and the second when he serves us with Holy Communion. Our worship is designed to help us prepare for God’s coming to us–for his gracious action on our behalf and to help us respond to his love.

As worshippers we are participants, not simply observers. From the time of the Apostles, worship (meaning “the work of the people”) has involved these basic elements which our services usually include: repentance & forgiveness, prayer (including the Lord’s Prayer), reading and meditation upon God’s Word, a confession of belief (Creed), offerings and blessing.

Our worship is a time distinct from any other in the week. We are gathered in God’s house, a sanctuary from the world. To help us prepare, we begin our worship with an explanation of the day’s theme for worship.

Families Worship Together

We encourage families to worship together. Children’s sermons are a part of every service, and we urge parents to lead by example in the singing and study of the Word.

We expect children will be, at times, active and noisy! Should the parent find it necessary, a cry room is available. The service is broadcast throughout the building, including into the parish hall. Story books are available in the library, and paper and crayons in the cry room.

Holy Communion

The sacrament in celebrated on the first and third Sundays of each month. Guests who have not communed with us previously should speak with Pastor before coming forward.


Our Sunday morning worship service begins at 11 am.  Hope to see you there!