Sunday Morning

Sunday morning education program runs from September through June for learners aged 3 (depending on the child) through 99!  Here are the Sunday morning opportunities:

  • Sunday School:  Nursery through youth classes begin with an opening in the church proper followed by small class lesson, activities & crafts.
  • Adult Bible Study: Grab a cup of coffee and join in the discussion.  The topics change but the focus is always on furthering our understanding of God’s plan for us!

Mid-Week Classes
Here the studies available during the week for further study:

  • Confirmation Class: Confirmation class reaffirms the basics of the christian faith for early teens. This class meets when needed.
  • Adult Inquirer’s Class: The basics of the Christian faith are covered in a six to eight week course of study.  This class meets when needed.
  • Pre-marriage & Pre-Baptism Instruction: As required.

Special topical classes, such as a parenting issues group are arranged periodically.