A Simple Message

I write this article in the wake of another “Black Friday,” and while watching the videos and news about the mayhem, it made me realize how complex we have made the simple message of Christmas.

It would seem the modern “Spirit of Christmas,” namely that of peace and giving, has become one of greed and pepper spray. Christmas is becoming more and more complex and hazardous every year.

It has become that of the perfect dinner, the perfect presents (bigger and more expensive) and the perfect “deal” for those perfect presents. Everything has to be perfect, because if it is not, then we have obviously failed as a parent, grandparent, relative or friend.

Thankfully, many of us keep the receipts!

Christmas is actually very simple. When we put aside the dinners, the presents and everything that seems to be wrapped up in the season away, it comes down to one simple, yet perfect gift. The gift was the Christ who was born in a stable, grew up and died upon a cross to take away the sins of the world so we may live in a paradise called heaven forever.

Christmas still revolves around peace and giving, but not from us, from God.

So as we race for the best deals, and cook the best turkey or ham, may we never forget how simple that first Christmas gift really is.   Merry Christmas.

Pastor Steve Naylor

Published in Delta Optimist Dec 2 2011
[Image courtesy of MSNBC]

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