Many to Thank

332505613_a60ff95ce7_q“Say thank you!” was a phrase I often heard from my parents growing up, as if I could ever forget with their constant reminders.

But as I grew older and the reminders stopped, I did find myself being less vocal about being thankful, and now that I am an adult, when someone says thank you to me I find that it makes me smile and often makes my day.

We seem to forget how important it is to say those two words, “Thank you.” There are so many people in my life who I am thankful for; some you would expect and some perhaps not.

Of course there are my family and friends, but also my civic leaders, and our police and fire departments, those who make my bread, and fix my car, those who cut my hair, and who serve our food.

I am limited in space but there are so many people who I am thankful for, including my congregation, my fellow ministers, the local funeral home and the Delta Optimist, which gives ministers space to share our thoughts.

But mostly I am thankful for a God who loves us enough to send us His Son to be my Saviour, and when I forget to be thankful or worse, doesn’t berate me, but rather opens His arms and says I love you, and forgives me my sins. What an amazing gift to be thankful for.

Published in Delta Optimist January 25 2013

Photo courtesy of Flickr: Faraz

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