Debt Paid in Full

Beeeep! It’s the inevitable sound I seem to hear when leaving a store with a security gate.

Knowing I had not stolen anything, I turn around and, with annoyance, show my receipt to the employee near the gate. He looks over the receipt, then the contents of my bag, then me, and then back to my receipt, before he finally says have a good day.

It might seem a bit funny to write about something like this during Easter, but I find it nicely sums up both Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Every time we sin, whether it is by speeding, gossiping or insert sin here, we begin to rack up a debt we can never pay off, a debt that will forever separate us from God.

Good Friday was the day our debt was paid in full, and it was paid by the very Son of God, Jesus Christ. It was in Jesus’ death upon the cross that we no longer need fear death and separation from God.

Easter Sunday was when we were given our receipt, and it was in the resurrection of Jesus that we were given proof that we are forgiven of our sins.

So the next time the security device beeps at us, instead of being annoyed, I pray we are reminded of what our Saviour did for us on that Good Friday and Easter. Blessings and Happy Easter!

Pastor Steven Naylor

Printed in Delta Optomist

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