No Place Like Home

Home. This simple word elicits different emotions and memories for people, both good and bad.

For me, it was being secure, safe and knowing that despite my faults I was always welcomed and loved.

After high school, I left my home in Florida and lived in various parts of the world.

While constantly moving can be quite challenging, I always managed to make myself part of the community and make friends. Although I found my niche in each of these places, it was never quite the same feeling of going back to Florida, walking through that doorway and saying, “I’m home and I’ve brought my laundry!”

In this world of turmoil, bickering and sin, it can be hard to feel secure and loved. People break promises and misuse our trust all the time, and try as we might to make a home here for ourselves we often feel like we never quite belong.

John 14:2-3 talks about the rooms in God’s home that are prepared for those who belong to the Father through His Son Jesus Christ.

We are given a room not in God’s guest house or someplace out back, but in His very home, and when we finally step through those front doors He will greet us with open arms and say to us, “Welcome home my child,” and taking our bag of sinful laundry, He’ll make them clean like only a parent can.

Pastor Steven Naylor

Published in Delta Optomist

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