Bittersweet Day

As I began to write this week’s article, I received a phone call from my brother, in Delaware, that my four-year-old niece had died. She has been in the hospital fighting off several infections over the last two weeks.

My niece, Angelina Grace, was also born with Trisomy 18. A quick Google search will tell you what it is, but suffice to say she should statistically never lived to see her first birthday, yet she was mere weeks away from her fifth.

Today is what I would call a bittersweet day.

It is bitter because Angelina is no longer with us. My family and I will miss her smile and laugh and her always happy demeanor. She was a true blessing to all that had known her and as bitter as her death is, it is also sweet.

It is sweet in that through the mercy of God and through the Saving waters of her baptism, I know without a shadow of a doubt she is now fully healed, without pain or suffering, and is now in the arms of her Saviour Jesus Christ (Romans 6: 3-4).

I share this because it is this hope and comfort that will see our family through this.

It was through the cross that Jesus Christ defeated sin, death and the devil. It is through the cross that we have each been offered the forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Amen.

Pastor Steven Naylor

Published in Delta Optimist Feb 24 2012


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