Seeing the Signs

I recently had the opportunity to visit our Delta Hospital, not as a visitor, as clergy often do, but as a patient.

While being cared for by the wonderful hospital staff, I began talking to myself as one does while waiting for tests.

What I said went something like this, “You did good. You saw the symptoms, you came in and I can be treated, nothing to worry about. Yep, I did good.”

Thankfully all the tests came back in my favour. What I found interesting was how I was giving myself credit for my health because I simply saw signs and brought myself to the hospital.

This made me think about how we often look at sin as a disease and how we can fix ourselves.

In Ephesians 2 it talks about us being dead in our sin. Unfortunately, when I am dead I cannot fix myself; I cannot will myself back to life or change my diet or exercise more.

But later in the chapter it talks of us being made alive in Christ. We cannot do it but Christ can make us alive once more.

That is a huge source of comfort knowing that I am forgiven not by the things I do or should do, but by the works that Christ did on the cross for me.

And it only took me going to the hospital to figure that out.

Published in Delta Optimist March 23 2012

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