The Gift of Hope

Hope is a very powerful gift that we, as human beings, have been given.

Hope has been there for our soldiers who are fighting and for those who have been taken prisoner as POWs. Hope has been there for us when a natural disaster has decimated all we have owned. Hope has been there for the sick and dying. Hope has been there for the families of those who have died, whether it was expected or sudden.

Yes, hope has turned around many events in history, both large and small, and it is hope that I find myself leaning on today as I write this.

As a pastor, we see the ups and downs, the gritty in people’s lives. We are there in all life, from birth to death, in sickness, health and death.

We are the hope bearers.

Yesterday, our congregation lost another of our long time members. This loss, like others, has rippled through our congregation, some remembering past loved ones, others remembering memories and recent conversations with the now departed.

Although I mourn, I am also able to bring the hope that I have to others. For I know that this separation is only temporary. Temporary, because through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ our Saviour; we will be reunited in heaven, not for a day or a week, but forever. I will miss my friend, but I look forward to seeing him again. Amen.

Published in Delta Optimist June  17 2012

Photo credit:  Michael Toy

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