Unconditional Love

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, and although I prefer to write on events ahead rather than behind, this particular Mother’s Day made me stop and think.

As far back as I can remember, the one question that seems to pop up every Mother’s Day is, “What did you get your mom for Mothers Day?”

Although this is a fair question, I realized we were putting the emphasis not on mom, but on us.

I know, it seems a bit trivial, the gift is for her, not for me, but why get her a gift, because some calendar says so? Perhaps because she raised me, nurtured me, and loves me despite all the days I take her for granted.

She loves me even though I become agitated and at times annoyed at her, usually because she’s right and I’m not, and although she’s not perfect, she tries her best.

Thinking about this and while writing my sermon for last Sunday, it dawned on me that God too loves us unconditionally, even though we might not always show our love for Him and take Him for granted.

Even as a pastor I become so wrapped up in the day to day I forget to “call” (pray) and say, “Thank you for this day.” But despite all this He still loves us and is willing to call us His children.

Mom, thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Published in Delta Optimist May  18 2012

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