Life is Precious

LifeisPreciousBy now I am sure many have heard of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Our lives, whether directly affected or not, are in a world where tragedies and atrocities happen, and our lives, whether we like it or not, are affected by it. And in times like this I wonder, if this could happen there, could this not happen anywhere?

As I walk through life, I have seen disasters, both natural and man-made; I have seen acts of terror brought upon people.

Two that come to mind: the Challenger Space Shuttle explosion (as a child growing up in Florida, we were out on the playground watching the launch), and the other is 9/11 where I personally lost friends in that attack. One an accident and the other deliberate, but I have come to the same conclusion in both: Life is precious.

Being a pastor, I get to witness how precious life is, from births to deaths. In birth, parents often ask for prayer that God be with their child throughout life, and in death a prayer thanking God for having been with them through it and as they go into Heaven.

In times of tragedies and atrocities, I cannot help but look to God as my refuge and strength in knowing that He will neither leave me nor forsake me, and it is in times like in Boston, that I hold that faith ever closer still.

Published in Delta Optimist April 19 2013

Photo Credit Dale Chumbley

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