Paying it Forward

PayitForward“Paying it forward” is a concept that has made some news in the last couple of years. What happens is someone will pay for your items, usually anonymously, and the hope is that you will “pay it forward” to someone else, although it is not necessary that you do.

I have often heard of this urban legend, but I have never once seen it done, much less have it happen to me. Until today that is.

I was at Starbucks, and after I ordered, I was told it was already taken care of. At first I thought it was the barista being nice, however, she let me know the young lady who was before me had paid for me.

I was speechless, and those who know me, know that is a very rare occurrence.

As I took my beverage, my mind still in shock, it made me smile, because in this day and age with so many “gifts” they seem to have a catch, this gift did not.

It also reminded me of the gift of forgiveness that was given to me by Jesus Christ, who died for my sins and three days later rose again. It was a gift that he gave, freely, He didn’t say if you do this then it is yours, He simply says, I do this for you.

I am thankful for my barista who reminded me of this most wonderful gift.

Published in Delta Optimist May 17 2013

Photo Credit: Harlow Heslop

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