A Changing World


Change is inevitable, and I’ll admit that when a company changes something that wasn’t broke, I can become slightly annoyed.

I rely heavily on my phone’s calendar and it has served me well, so well in fact that I gave up my old paper calendar. Recently, like so many others, I updated my phone’s software. Most of the changes I welcomed, but the changes to the calendar I have not.

I do not feel it is as efficient as it once was, and my question has been: Did they change it for change sake, because I do not see it is an improvement at all (granted, some might enjoy the changes)? Every day, life can seem to go through so many different changes, and it can be trying at times to go through so much change. I am glad there are still some things that do not change. The sun rising in the east and setting in the west, for one, but another is the fact that God’s Word never changes.

The Gospel remains the same. Scripture says I am a sinner; I do wrong things in my life. I know this, and I can never deny it, but the Gospel, tells me that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to offer me forgiveness for these sins.

In a world of constant change, knowing the Gospel does not change gives me peace, comfort and hope.

Published in Delta Optimist October 4 2013

Photo Credit Leonard John Matthews

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