Out of the Fog

FogThe fog was an incredible sight last week; I was amazed at the thickness of it and also how long it had lasted during the day.

A moment that sticks out was when I was driving back along the highway enjoying the sun and clear surroundings, when, as I looked ahead, all I could see was this thick wall of fog.

As I entered into it, the sun was no longer visible and one could not see that far ahead of them. It was an incredible sight to behold.

Driving through it, I was struck with the idea of how life does the same thing, only most of the time we do not know we are in the fog until it has already engulfed us.

Many troubles seem to follow us throughout life and trying to navigate through them can be near impossible at times.

The fog of family problems, sickness, death, even traffic and construction, can overwhelm us, especially when they all seem to happen at once.

But something else I noticed last week was every once in awhile I could hear the piercing sound of the foghorn and to me it was a reminder who God has told us, “Lo, I am with you even unto the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20.

Even though life can become overwhelming, God often lets us know that He is there for us, even amidst the fog.

Published in Delta Optimist November 1 2013

Photo Credit david.dolphin

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